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À LA CARTE MARKETING loves purpose-driven entrepreneurs like yourself. We work with coaches, wellness professionals, chiropractors, doctors, and solopreneurs to scale their business, so they can make a big difference in their clients' lives and change the architecture of their own.



We ABSOLUTELY love what we do! Creativity+Solutions+ Energy = Happy You!


Our team has been around the block a few times! We have more experience than you can count on your hands and toes!


Your problem is our solution and we are committed to your success even when we aren’t wearing our super-hero costumes.

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  • Mimi is a go-getter and jumped two feet to help me with my business. She made a quick transition from working with a former contractor as seamless as possible. We had an immediate connection, and she goes above and beyond what I expected a social media manager would do. She is a fabulous writer, brainstorms awesome ideas, and not only can visualize the big picture for my success but also really does care. I’m so thankful that I found her!

    Natalie Upp
    Owner, Fired Upp Fitness
  • I am so very grateful that I have met Mimi… She is absolutely wonderful. From the beginning she has always been extremely patient with me and she over delivers each and every time.

    Mimi, thanks for being so attentive to detail and always listening to me and being flexible even when I don’t know what I want. I appreciate the creativity. I love when I’m uncertain and the end product you deliver meets and exceeds my expectations. You are worth more than you know (wink). Working together is effortless and I look forward to many years to come. This is real talk. If you are considering working with her, I am willing to vouch. Just give me a ring…

    Jason Winters
    Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • I am blown away with the ideas and solutions this girl brings to the table. I was stuck for the longest time and Mimi gave me the inspiration to get started with launching my business.

    Deanna K.
  • I was referred to Mimi from another Health Coach and I was so pleasantly surprised with how responsive she was and continued to be! I know this may sound like a given, but it isn’t. Mimi sets the bar high, communicates well, has excellent customer service and is very talented with a vast array of experience. If she isn’t familiar with something you need, she’ll figure it out. I highly recommend Mimi if you are looking for someone professional and reliable!

    Christina Grenga
    Owner, Grenga Health
  • Mimi helped me plan my social media posts using an editorial calendar and most importantly, helped me fill it with creative ideas. During our sessions, the suggestions and ideas seemed to just flow from her, and it helped get my creative juices flowing, too! Mimi is a very talented and creative copywriter with a delightfully humorous yet informative style that will draw in and engage any reader.She continues to help me with launching my programs and website maintenance.

    Patti DeFelicis
    Owner, Worthy Nutrition
  • What would I do without my Mimi; my right hand in my business? Mimi is well organized professional, patient and a caring person. If I need a quick fix, I call her. If I need an idea to explore, I email her. I can rely on her 110%. She goes above and beyond. If you are looking for someone who is reliable, well organized, up to date with projects I highly recommend Mimi. It is a pleasure working with her.

    Dr. Ilona Berkoben
    Dr. Ilona, M.D
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